Aquaculture – The Blue Movement

The Intervention seeks to create sustainable improvements and to support innovative interventions that aim to equip and improve women’s rural livelihoods countrywide; In particular by researching new and improved solutions to deliver programmes with impact on their empowerment and families.

Specific Institutional Objectives

  1. Provide access to non-financial services to the largest number of women entrepreneurs for sustainable rural livelihoods.
  2. To enhance linkages, both markets, financial, and institutional in order to enhance service to women and their families.
The interventions is efficiently implemented through partnership and synergies form like-minded partners through its key pillars

Sustainability in the development and delivery of this project that has long-term value. The women fish farmers have evolved and become integral to the longevity of the initiative in their communities through mentoring and advocacy.

Scalability of the project so it being applied to other identified regions in Kenya. The mobilisation of effective programmes and practices into new regions (Western and Central Kenya) under a comparable model.

Strong Partnerships with KWH partners to deliver and scale the depth of programmes to produce convincing results of the Aquaculture project.

Research conducted initially evidence-based research that informed the KWH concept and programme. By measuring impact, it provided new insights into what works and what needs to be done in the next phase of the project.