Capture the Future

KWH launched the Capture the Future program in 2011 initiative with an aim of radically transform the lives of needy young girls who are unable, for various reasons, to proceed with their secondary school education and thereby have the opportunity to make significant contributions to their own development as well as that of their communities.

Kenya Women Holding Aspirations

  1. Nurture young girls to achieve their dreams among the youth as they have less privilege than boys and empower them as future leaders.
  2. Target to educate 1 million girls and creating a yearly pool of support for girls from all 47 counties.
  3. Leverage on the goodwill of individuals, organizations and development partners in support of empowerment of young women as future leaders
  4. Young Women Leadership 7 Mentorship Programme

Young Women Leadership Mentorship Programme

Our Vision

To ensure that democratic processes in the devolved government in Kenya embrace young visionary and talented women leaders.

Our Mission

To systematically build leadership capacities by linking them up with experienced leaders for guidance, encouragement and skill transfer.

Our Objectives

  1. To set up a sustainable mentorship system that works in Kenya.
  2. To identify specific areas of mentorship that would be cutting edge in women leadership development.
  3. To identify and link up willing mentors with mentees throughout the 47 counties.
  4. To liaise with relevant constitutional offices to educate on democratic processes.
  5. To mobilize resources and like minded partners in support of the mentorship initiative.

About the Programme

Young women leaders are absent at both the National and county levels, Inspite of the provision in the constitution that representation at all levels of Governance structures should have a third of either gender. As a result of being a champion in leading the peaceful democratic process that saw Kenyans vote without violence, Dr. Jennifer Riria was recognized as a visionary leader due to her leadership over two decades in interventions that empower, position and advocate for Women in Kenya, enabling them to move themselves from poverty and articulate their lives as human beings. This has called for consistency, courage, imagination and willingness to take risks.

She was awarded CHAMPION OF DEMOCRACY by the Ford Foundation in 2013. It was during this process that the Kenya Women Holding gave birth to the YOUNG WOMEN LEADERSHIP/MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME whose ultimate objective is to create a network of women across the country at the county and national level to articulate issues that negatively affect women participation and influence in the society.

From its inception in the month of May 2013, the YWL/MP has been able to reach out to young women between the ages of 1835 in the 47 counties through the Kenya Women platform country wide, currently the program has 53 young women mentees from 47 counties country wide.

Interested young women can email us to or send a free sms to 20414 and start with YW. We have 15 Mentors on board fully trained and so passionate on mentoring young women to grow in Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurship.

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